Come Out of Hiding


Imagine for a moment taking that first step off the plane; the American Dream is yours for the taking. You grab it with gusto, but your fingers hold fast; you can’t shake loose, and the American Dream morphs into the American Nightmare. You try to escape; you try to hide; but you can’t.

Be careful what you wish for.

Teenager, Sun Lee, arrives at LAX, full of eager anticipation of spending the summer with her childhood friend. Had she known what really lay in store for her—a summer of slavery as a victim of human trafficking—she would have high-tailed it back to Korea. Instead she does her master’s bidding; she’s always been taught to be obedient. But she dies inside; no one to rescue her; nowhere to go. Then she runs for her life and hides. But he always finds her. Newlywed Crista Bauer arrives in Orlando, ecstatic about beginning her new life with her American husband. Little does she know her perfect husband is an abuser, and she’ll have to go into hiding to save her life and the life of her baby, Sophia. But he always finds her.

Be careful what you wish for.

Attorney Julie Richards craves order … routine. Since her parents’ death, she’s carved out a quiet life, buried in work, entombed in her house where she feels safe. No time to grieve. No time for friends. After all, she has more than she can handle with the Bauer case. Until danger invades her home—her sanctuary. Then she has to hide. But he always finds her.

Come Out of Hiding is a gripping thriller about girls who become victims, who need to be rescued, who call out to God. It’s Gideon’s story—the story of the one in hiding becoming the rescuer. It’s the story of new beginnings.

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